Well, not really "off topic" I guess.

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Well, not really "off topic" I guess. Empty Well, not really "off topic" I guess.

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:01 am

Have just received this from a pal down South.

Need advice.

Am about to start trying to hassle BT again about my poor speed.
(0.3-0.6Mb) After similar protracted campaigns have achieved up to 1.8 for
a few weeks, followed by gradual ramping down again over about 2-3 weeks. I
know we are a distance form our local exchange (Medstead) but other in the
village within 500m get between 1.4-2.0 - which I'd be happy with.

Am gonna check my (immediate) neighbours speeds this next few days.

Now, I suspect that BT apply a filter (profile), possibly based on line
noise, but once set, it is a depressing journey to get lifted, and if for
only 2 weeks I will lose the will to live.

Am I about to start wasting my time and breath, again?

Waddya think - PS have scoured internet without many tips yet. Is it worth
a)changing provider or b)"upgrading" to business-level service with BT?
i.e. chuck some money at 'em as an incentive?

What we got ain't worth having.

My 3G card gets better speed in Bristol than my home broadband. No 3g
singal here, either in depest dark Hampshire."

Any of you BT lads able to offer any advice please? I don't know enough about it really.


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